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We Are the Beacon of Light for Medical Freedom

After witnessing medical tyranny and injustices, that caused the death of her child, Rachel Byers founded the Pro Medical Freedom organization so no other families would suffer what she had gone through.

Our mission is to Empower, educate, and treat patients and their families.

Rachel Byers, a professional nurse, has always been a patriotic holistic minded healthcare provider who fought on the front lines for years before the government used their “Covid” Plandemic to force lockdowns of the civilized world in 2020.  Part of the ‘Plandemic’ agenda was to force everyone to take the Big Pharma Bioweapon (mRNA shot) and silence those who spoke the truth about what was really taking place.  Rachel was fired from both of her nursing jobs because she refused to bend a knee to the medical tyranny, corruption, threats & the bullying to get the Bioweapon injection. 


After being fired in August of 2021, she took her power back and created Pro Medical Freedom (PMF).  She was joined by other liberty minded healthcare workers who faced the same corruption and discrimination from a corrupt medical system.  Together this group of medical professionals united to save over 150 lives throughout Western Oregon.  The PMF group had a 100% illness recovery rate while the corrupt hospital systems, that instituted their “Covid Protocol” consisting of deadly drugs (Redesivir) and forcing ventilators on patients had an approximate 98% death rate!  


Despite the rampant censorship and suppression actual cures for the bioengineered flu instituted at the highest levels of government, Rachel and her team brought Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ),  lifesaving hospital grade oxygen, quality supplements, plus much more when indicated to patients in their homes.  Sadly, many patients were at death’s door by the time PMF got to them because they figured out what was going on at the hospitals and were terrified that they would be murdered by the hospital protocols, but couldn’t find help anywhere else to get the lifesaving meds & equipment they needed.  That’s when PMF’s angels showed up to save their lives.


Rachel spent months driving all over the state of Oregon, saving as many lives as she could. Sadly, the ‘murder mill’ hospitals made it almost impossible to rescue everyone from the medical tyranny being instituted by the hospitals.  Fortunately there were the lucky few PMF was able to rescue.  Our PMF team watched in horror as the hospitals refused lifesaving medication to the families in the hospital; instead choosing to administer their ‘Covid Protocol’ which was virtually a guaranteed death sentence.


Loved ones would tell us the horror stories of their loved ones being held prisoner in the hospital and forced to take Remdesivir and put on ventilators against their will only to die weeks later. We couldn’t believe the level of evil we witnessed.  These hospitals were killing innocent patients for Covid blood money.  Our legal team did everything possible to save them but we quickly realized once they were admitted, it was nearly impossible to rescue them from the hospitals’ evil grip. 


PMF will continue to be a resource for people struggling to find medical help for their loved ones and will always symbolize Rachels love for her little girl and justice for all the innocent lives taken by our corrupt and evil medical-industrial complex.

Here are some terrifying statistics that many people aren't aware of:

98% of the people that went to the hospital and “treated” with their Covid-19 Protocol never came out alive

A controlled study demonstrated that out of 32 people who were put on ventilators, 31 of them died. The hospital protocol was never intended to save lives; it was intended to destroy lives.

Because of Pro Medical Freedom and Rachel’s army of healthcare Angels, hundreds of lives were saved from the hospital tyranny.’

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